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The children don't have proper meal and are seriously lack of nutrition.
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父親平常是打零工的工人。 工作的機會不穩定,有時好長一段時間沒有工作,有時工作時間很長,但收入卻很少。 他還需要照顧祖父母,他們年紀太大了,沒工作能力。由父親來扶養 在這種情況下家中的生活更是難以為計。 孩子們沒有適當的食物,缺乏足夠的營養。

Jeswanth's father works as a daily wage laborer. He works for a long time and earns very low income. He also needs to raise Jeswanth's grandparents, who are too old to work. In this situation, Jaswant's father is not able to meet the problems. The children don't have the proper meal and are seriously lack of nutrition.

Country: India
School Code: IN 001
School Name: Perikeedu Education Center
Attendance Record No: 04
Assist Organization: Association of Relief Volunteers