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Mother is facing so many problems because of irresponsible of her husband
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家中兩個就學中的孩子。 但父親是個不負責任的男人,沒有照顧孩子和家庭,家裡只依靠著媽媽來照顧整個家庭,有時工作一整天也賺不了多少錢,無法填飽一家人的肚子,雖然日子過得很辛苦,但媽媽還是希望孩子能繼續努力學習。
There are two children in Hemanth's family. His mother is facing so many problems because of his father's irresponsibility. He doesn't take care of the children and family. Sometimes she spends her day without a single meal. However, the children continue to pursue their studies under such hard circumstances.

Country: India
School Code: IN 001
School Name: Perikeedu Education Center
Attendance Record No: 05
Assist Organization: Association of Relief Volunteers